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Why Us ?

Celebrating The Beauty And Power Of Unity

The Social Instance brings you an amazing convention center in Kileen, TX, for you to hold your events and widen your social circle! Why live a life of seclusion when you have got wonderful people to share it with.

Not only can you organize private events, but you also enjoy various entertainment activities in Kileen, TX. It is a place designed for your comfort where you can host special events, office meetings, friends’ reunion parties, to fun evenings playing games. You have the perfect venue in Killeen, TX, for entertainment where you get the chance to engage and connect with people, for life is nothing without meeting new people!

Changing Every Event Into A Landmark Occasion

Killen conference center, with its stylish and comfortable setting that can be customized to your preference, makes even the smallest of gatherings a joyful experience. It is a gorgeous facility where you can host office meetings, conferences, community events, fun activities, etc. The Killeen activity center also allows nearby people to get to know each other and celebrate happiness together. Such centers help instill in youngsters the value of appreciating diversity and caring for each other. With so many reasons that the convention center in Killeen, TX, gives you to come together, there is little room left for hatred, doubt, and loneliness.

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64 Chairs

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11 Tables

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Wireless Microphone

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Open Setting






Podcast Equipment



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Chairs & Seats Covers

Game Room

Beautiful Banquet Halls in Killeen, TX

Planning to host a party or organize a wedding at the Killeen banquet hall? We are eager to receive your requests as we deck up the hall for you to have a blast! Exchange your vows and celebrate your love in a splendid setting.

The private event space at the wonderful banquet hall near you with timeless style and appeal is the ideal place to hold receptions or intimate ceremonies. Sporting classical design, rich beauty, and elegant ambiance, the hall creates a flawless and picture-perfect setting for your special day.

Social Instance offers you a gorgeous place to come together. Visit our venue, and you will look for reasons to celebrate. No matter the event or reason, you will find the right setting, style, and décor that will increase your happiness and step up comfort. We have designed the space to make every event a success!

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